Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Final Countdown

In a little over two weeks we're on our way! Follow our journey and laugh at the stupid stuff that always happens to us when we travel. Should be fun.

Here's our route:

Fly into Bali
Ferry to the Gili Islands (off the Northwest coast of Lombok)
Ferry back to Bali- spend a week in Ubud and Lovina
Ferry to Java- climb Gunung Bromo, bus to Yogyakarta, train to Jakarta
Ferry to Sumatra- three day boat journey to Medan, bus to Bukit Lawang, go on Orangutan Trek, bus back to Medan.
Ferry to Malaysia- Ferry to Melaka, bus or train to Kuala Lumpur, Train to Taman Negara to trek through the rainforest, bus along the East coast, boat to the islands off the East coast, train to Thailand border.
Train to Thailand- we think we are taking the train all the way from the south to the northern city of Chiang Mai. Jungle/elephant trek outside Chiang Mai, bus to the Mekong.
Slow boat to Laos- boat to Luang Prabang, bus to Vientienne, bus to Vang Vieng, bus to Vietnam border.
Bus to Vietnam- trekking through Sapa, bus or train going South with frequent stops- we haven't quite figured that bit out yet. Bus to Cambodian border.
Boat to Cambodia- slow boat to Phnom Penn, bus to Siem Riep, bus to Thai border.
Bus to Thailand- bus to Bangkok, plane back to Korea!